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Dementia Programs

The AlzBetter Dementia Training Difference

Behind each dementia case is a human being, not just a disease state. This belief fuels our training platform, which focuses on engagement, communication and evidence-based best practices for dementia care and support. We utilize a type of training called Micro-Learning which takes this complex subject and makes it easier to learn and retain information.

Additionally, the concept of Micro-Learning is applied not only to our training, but is a core philosophy of our entire program. The care managers who utilize our program work by identifying key family care partner stressors and then assist them to systematically tackle one issue at a time. This simple, yet highly effective strategy is unique to the AlzBetter program and just part of what separates us from the standard “Dementia Training”.

Did you know?

4 of the 5 most common comorbidities that result in hospital admissions for dementia patients are preventable. Our program offers strategies to identify, manage and prevent them.

Our dementia training doesn’t stop when the course ends

AlzBetter’s stress assessment tool helps Case Managers and clinicians work with dementia patients and their caregivers by:

  • Quickly identifying the root cause of their pain points
  • Providing virtual strategies – via email, the internet and text – to help manage them

The progressive nature of the disease means that our tools can be used multiple times over the course of treatment as new and different behavioral issues occur.

Flexible Training Options

Train the Trainer: We train Care Manager subject matter experts on your team to become AlzBetter Certified, either remotely or on-site. Then, using our tools, they can train other members of your organization.

Online Learning: This dedicated training platform offers our full Dementia Foundation Courses, plus targeted Micro-Learning™ courses that identify and provide solutions for more than thirty specific behaviors.

Micro-learning Video Example

AlzBetter's library of support topics includes targeted videos that demonstrate effective ways to deal with many common dementia care challenges. For example, people with dementia often refuse to accept help.

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We can help you improve patient care, satisfaction, and profitability.

AlzBetter Advantages

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We help you build relationships with your patients that recognizes their humanity as well as the needs of their disease.

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Our training has been reviewed by a team of leading physicians, as well as the Alzheimer's Association®. Every topic meets evidence-based guidelines for dementia care.

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Our care processes, software algorithms, and analytics have been developed to optimize care while improving profitability

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