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At AlzBetter, we're on a mission to improve clinical outcomes and the quality of life for patients with challenging healthcare needs in their own home.

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Gary Skole

Gary is a founder of AlzBetter with decades of experience improving care for patients with challenging healthcare needs at home. He is a published author and frequent speaker on Dementia, Transitional Care Management, and Remote Patient Monitoring.

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Andrew Dubler

Andrew is a co-founder of Alzbetter and an expert on delivering home care for patients with dementia and other difficult conditions. He consults on sales and marketing, agency operations, and dementia care.

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We can help you improve patient care, satisfaction, and profitability.

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Medical Advisory Board

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Dr. Debra Barnett MD

Dr. Barnett is an expert in the field of geriatric psychiatry. She lectures and consults on a broad range of topics related to geriatrics and is the previous past president of the Florida Psychiatric Society.

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Dr. Donald Grossman MD

Dr. Grossman has previously served as Chief Medical Officer for Florida True Health and Met Care. Dr. Grossman also held Medical Director positions with Cigna Health Care and WellCare.

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Dr. Jay Pomerantz MD

Dr. Pomerantz is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics and Medical Director for Clinical Care Management and HealthLink Clinical Call Center at the University of North Carolina Hospitals and School of Medicine.

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Dr. Kevin Roache MD

Dr. Roache MD is the Vice-President of Medical Affairs for People’s Health in Louisiana. Previously, he also held Medical Director’s positions with Humana and Suburban Heights Medical Center in Chicago.

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Dr. Sam Toney MD

Dr. Sam Toney MD is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Health Integrated and a leader in the field of utilization, care and disease management program development and integration. Dr. Toney identified the role that behavioral health issues play in overall patient healthcare utilization and the industry’s need to look at the patient holistically, rather than just individual diagnostic codes.

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Dr. Michael Yanuck MD

Dr. Michael Yanuck MD provides consulting services to hospitals, hospitalists groups, large physician practices as well as a variety of managed care organizations. He lectures on a range of issues including Medicare compliance rules, Pay for Performance and other population health topics.

AlzBetter Advantages

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We help you build relationships with your patients that recognizes their humanity as well as the needs of their disease.

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Our training has been reviewed by a team of leading physicians, as well as the Alzheimer's Association®. Every topic meets evidence-based guidelines for dementia care.

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Our care processes, software algorithms, and analytics have been developed to optimize care while improving profitability

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